Hottie of the Week – Kate Hudson !!!


The first time i came across Kate Hudson was way back, she was starring in ‘Almost Famous’ as a Rolling Stone journo, for this part won a Golden Globe, she was also nominated for a Best supporting Actress. She was particularly great in ‘You, Me Dupree’, a film that is always worth a watch.Kate married Chris Robinson from the rock band ‘The Black Crowes’ back in 2000, amazingly they lasted unitl 2006, and shes been dating Mus’os since, most notabley one Matthew Bellamy from Muse, apparently rockers are too much work.You cna Catch Kate Hudson in the cinema just now, starring in the pretty good film ‘The Reluctant Fumdamentalist’

Another Hottie of the Week, this one is for the more mature customer, this more mature customer, may like to peruse some nice smart shoes in store or online.

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