“2023 VMAs: Selena Gomez’s Controversial Reaction Steals the Show”

While watching Olivia Rodrigo perform, Selena Gomez was seen covering her ears, but when Chris Brown was nominated she appeared unconcerned. Taylor Swift has expressed her support for Gomez’s latest track “Single Soon.” The singer recently made a comeback to music after announcing it on social media. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Justin Bieber’s wife has encouraged him to cheat on his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, despite their reconciliation.

Selena Gomez's reaction at VMAs 2023 caused controversy - Photo 1.

Selena Gomez made headlines after attending the 2023 MTV VMAs. Her reactions during the event sparked controversy on social media. One particular incident was during young talent Olivia Rodrigo’s performance where Selena covered her ears with an annoyed expression, surprising the audience. She later clarified that she was startled by a loud noise nearby. However, the controversy continued when Selena grimaced in discomfort while Chris Brown received the award for Best R B Song. Despite this, she continued to smile and applaud the other artists nominated in the same category.

Selena Gomez's reaction at VMAs 2023 caused controversy - Photo 2.

A photo of Selena Gomez was shared on iHeartRadio and caught the attention of many, including Selena herself. Despite receiving criticism for her expression in the photo, Selena responded with a casual “Who cares?” which some viewers interpreted as a lack of respect towards Chris Brown. This is likely due to Brown’s past assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, which led to him being charged and sentenced to probation. As a result, Brown faced significant backlash from the music industry. After the VMAs, Selena reflected on her experiences and shared a message about choosing to be true to herself rather than getting involved in unnecessary controversy.

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