Angelina Jolie is thrilled by fan’s tattoo of her face at Dear Evan Hansen West End show

Over the weekend, a die-hard fan of Angelina Jolie had the opportunity to meet his idol. Alex Thomas-Smith, who is currently a stand-in for the West End musical Dear Evan Hansen, was ecstatic to finally meet the Hollywood actress during his show. The highlight of Alex’s encounter with Angelina was when he showed her a tattoo on his arm that featured her smoking a cigarette. Photos of the meeting and the tattoo were shared online by Alex.

Alex Thomas-Smith, who is currently substituting for the West End musical Dear Evan Hansen, had an exciting encounter with Angelina Jolie over the weekend. He proudly unveiled a tattoo of the Tomb Raider actress, and she appeared thrilled as she examined the impressive ink. Angelina showed a keen interest in the tattoo and even placed her hands around Alex’s arm to get a closer look. Alex was more than happy to show off his body art to the superstar and even allowed her to autograph it, signing her name just below the edgy design.

Angelina gave her approval as she wrapped her hands around the arm of the young actor, examining his body art.

Smith was in disbelief when he got the chance to meet his favorite actress, Angelina Jolie, during his performance on West End. As a superfan, Smith had even gotten a tattoo of Jolie’s face on his arm, and he couldn’t contain his excitement as he showed it off to her. Jolie was reportedly touched by the gesture and expressed her love for the tattoo. Smith felt like he was living a dream and shared pictures of the magical encounter on social media.

Wow, Alex Thomas-Smith, an understudy for the Dear Evan Hansen musical in London’s West End, had a surreal experience over the weekend. He showed Angelina Jolie a tattoo he got of her, and she seemed delighted with it. The young actor rolled up his sleeves to reveal the cool ink, and the Tomb Raider actress was genuinely interested, even placing her hands around Alex’s arm for a closer look. Alex was thrilled to show off his tattoo to the superstar, and Angelina even autographed it by writing her name just below the edgy body art.

Angelina gave her seal of approval by placing her hands on the young actor’s arm while examining his body art.

Smith was overjoyed when he had the opportunity to meet the famous actress during his show. In a social media post titled “WHAT IS MY LIFE,” Alex expressed his disbelief at having Angelina Jolie attend Dear Evan Hansen. The lucky actor even showed her his tattoo of her, which was created by the talented @courtneylloydtattoos. Jolie was thrilled with the tattoo and even signed it, kissed Smith on the cheek, and promised to see his show again. Smith was in awe of the entire experience and gave credit to @nicoleraquel_d, @lucy_anderson.1, @howveryhannah, and @courtneyjstapes for making him speak to the famous actress. As a standby for Evan Hansen and Jared in the West End production of Dear Evan Hansen, Smith will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

The actress from Salt happily signed Alex’s tattoo as a souvenir. The award-winning musical, Dear Evan Hansen, revolves around the story of a socially awkward teenager named Evan Hansen and his response to a tragedy that befalls his community. The young actor, who plays the role of Jared, shared a photo on Instagram in September, where he stands beside a poster of the show. In the caption, he expressed his excitement about the role and invited fans to come see the production at Noel Coward Theatre in October 2019, where they were rehearsing in New York City, his favorite place in the world. He even asked if anyone wanted to sign his cast.

Front and center: In September, Smith excitedly shared news of his latest gig in a musical by posting a photo on social media. The snapshot captured him striking a pose next to a promotional poster for the show.

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