Angelina Jolie Unveils Her Latest Ink: A Tattoo With a Powerful Message

On her most recent outing, Angelina Jolie proudly showed off a fresh tattoo on her right hand. The actress, who is currently celebrating her 46th birthday with her kids in New York, has been closely followed by the paparazzi during her visit to the city that never sleeps. They have captured her grabbing some fast food with her children, visiting art galleries in Brooklyn, and even paying a visit to her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment twice. Recently, she was spotted leaving the Carlyle Hotel in the Upper East Side of Manhattan looking effortlessly chic in a white Everlane T-shirt (priced at 18 USD), a long gray midi skirt that almost reached her ankles, and Salvatore Ferragamo sandals (priced at 595 USD). Her sophisticated fashion sense has earned her praise from fans and fashionistas alike.

Angelina Jolie reveals her new tattoo is a famous quote photo 1

Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing a stylish combination of a T-shirt and a simple yet sophisticated skirt. Her new forearm tattoo was also on display through the short-sleeved shirt. The Italian phrase “eppur si muove” is inscribed on her arm, meaning “And it still moves”. Galileo Galilei, a renowned astronomer, spoke these words in 1633 after being forced to retract his statement that the Earth revolves around the Sun. He believed that one day, the truth would prevail. Angelina had mentioned her new tattoo in an interview with British Vogue earlier this year, but this is the first time it has been publicly visible.

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According to reports, Angelina Jolie’s newest tattoo symbolizes the everlasting presence of truth. She has a collection of tattoos on her body that were inspired by her experiences traveling, doing charity work, being a mother, and her personal beliefs. The actress has more than 16 tattoos in total, which she often showcases through her revealing clothing choices. Angelina considers her tattoos as body art and believes it’s natural for individuals to mark things that hold significance to them. Recently, there have been speculations of Angelina rekindling her relationship with her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller after being divorced for 20 years. She was caught visiting his apartment twice within a week, once bringing wine alone and the other time accompanied by her son and a bodyguard.

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Angelina Jolie went on a 10-day vacation for her birthday.

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