Angelina Jolie Ventures into Uncharted Territory with Exciting New Career Path

Angelina Jolie, the popular Hollywood actress, has surprised her followers with her latest career move. The 47-year-old celebrity, who is famous for her performances in hit movies like Mr and Mrs Smith and Maleficent, is branching out into the fashion industry. As well as being a passionate advocate for human rights, Jolie has announced the launch of her own fashion brand called Atelier Jolie. Sources suggest that she has spent more than a year developing this project and is currently waiting for her trademark application to be approved. The brand will prioritize sustainable fashion, offering a range of items from bespoke jewelry to high-end clothing.


According to reports, Angelina Jolie is actively involved in developing a new fashion and jewelry line, although not much information is available about it yet. The venture is currently in its initial phase, but the work is steadily progressing. Jolie, famous for her humanitarian efforts and activism, has always emphasized the need for sustainable fashion and raised concerns regarding climate change and its implications on the planet. She has also been educating her children about ethical clothing.


As per recent reports, Angelina Jolie has her own brand named Atelier Jolie. The talented actress has revealed that she likes to invest in high-quality items that have the potential for repeated use, such as a classic coat, boots or a purse. She is of the belief that exploring vintage pieces and discovering retro stores can be a sustainable way forward. In 2021, following the premiere of her movie, Eternals, Angelina and her daughters made waves in the fashion industry as they chose to wear recycled outfits. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news and happenings from across the globe by subscribing to our newsletter at Daily Star.


Angelina Jolie is an advocate for sustainable fashion, and she recently showed her support by dressing her daughters in recycled outfits. Zahara looked gorgeous in a silver Elie Saab gown that Angelina herself had worn to the Oscars in 2014. Meanwhile, Shiloh chose a dress that her mom had sported earlier in the summer. Angelina explained that she had combined vintage clothes with her own previous Oscar dress to create unique ensembles for her kids.

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