“Benzema Achieves Record Unmatched by Messi and Ronaldo”

Benzema’s goal during the 61st minute of the second leg of the round of 16 match against PSG led to his entry into the history books of the Champions League. Real Madrid staged a remarkable comeback, eliminating Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe from the competition. Unfortunately, Teacher Park contracted the same illness as Tuan Anh and Cong Phuong and made things worse. Benzema achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first player to score in 18 consecutive calendar years in the Champions League, with his scoring streak running from 2005 through 2022. Only Messi and Ronaldo could surpass Benzema’s record, but the current format of the competition, consisting of only two matches in 2022, has left them struggling. Messi was recently eliminated by Real, while Ronaldo is set to play the second leg with Atletico.

Benzema sets a record that Messi and Ronaldo have never reached - Photo 1.

In an incredible turn of events during the second leg, Real Madrid found themselves trailing by two goals in the 61st minute. However, Karim Benzema’s performance was nothing short of miraculous as he scored an unbelievable hat-trick within just 17 minutes, leading Real Madrid to a remarkable 3-2 comeback victory against PSG and securing their spot in the Champions League quarterfinals.
Despite Mbappe opening the scoring in the 39th minute and PSG seemingly having the game under control, their defense appeared to be dozing off and ultimately cost them their lead. It’s worth noting that PSG is currently the wealthiest team in France.

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