“Chilling by the Poolside: Lionel Messi’s Relaxing Family Time with His Trio in Miami”

The footballer has recently relocated to Miami, Florida together with his family of five.

Lionel Messi and his family seem to be adjusting well to their new home in Miami. The soccer legend recently posted two adorable family photos on Instagram, featuring his wife and three children lounging by the pool. In one of the snaps, Messi can be seen holding his five-year-old son Ciro, while his older boys, Mateo (7) and Thiago (10), sit beside him. It’s clear that they are already enjoying their time in the sunny city!

Messi and his wife, Antonella, were captured in a stunning photo while standing next to each other in the ocean. In the picture, they are surrounded by a picturesque backdrop that adds to the beauty of the moment. The soccer player shared the lovely snap on social media with the caption “always like this.” Messi, along with his family, has recently relocated to Miami, Florida, where he is expected to join the Major League Soccer league. His signing is regarded as one of the most significant in the history of the league.

Messi and his loved ones had a special Christmas celebration in December, following his triumph in the World Cup just a month prior. Antonella, his wife, greeted the holiday season with a cheerful “Feliz Navidad” alongside a festive picture of their family next to their beautiful silver Christmas tree. Additionally, Antonella shared a snapshot of the whole family on her Instagram Story.
After Messi’s victory, two of his sons joined him on the field where they warmly embraced their father in an emotional moment that was captured on camera. The footage showed Messi on his knees with a wide grin while hugging his sons who were wearing purple jerseys with his name and number (10) on the back. The scene was truly heartwarming and a testament to the athlete’s love for his family.

In anticipation of his big game, Thiago, the son of Messi, wrote down the lyrics to “Muchachos Ahora Nos Volvimos a Ilusionar” as a show of support for his father. This was shared on his mother’s Instagram Story, as reported by The Indian Express and Daily Mail. After winning the game, Roccuzzo shared several pictures of the family celebrating. She expressed her pride in her husband through her caption, thanking him for teaching them to never give up and fight until the end. It was a long-awaited achievement that they were all thrilled about. The couple, who knew each other since childhood, reconnected over a tragedy and fell in love despite Messi moving away from Argentina to pursue his career in soccer.

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