“In another universe, Spider-Man relaxes with his blonde companion Gwen after a demanding day of saving Arsenal.”🕷


“In anotheг univeгѕe, Spideг-Man гelaxeѕ with hiѕ blonde companion Gwen afteг a demanding day of ѕaving Aгѕenal.” 🕷

In a delightful twist of events, Arsenal’s rising star, Gabriel Martinelli, has been spotted donning a Spider-Man costume during his leisure time.

The young Brazilian forward, known for his infectious energy on the pitch, has taken his playful nature off-field as well. When not called up to the Brazilian national team, Martinelli has been seen enjoying quality time with his girlfriend, both dressed in superhero attire.

The sight of the footballer swinging through the streets as Spider-Man has brought a smile to fans’ faces. It’s refreshing to witness Martinelli’s lighthearted approach, reminding us all that even football stars have their funny side.

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