“Jolie’s Family Night Out: Angelina Treats Her 6 Kids to a Fun Dinner at a Restaurant”

Angelina Jolie stepped out in a chic silk outfit alongside her kids for a fancy dinner at a luxurious restaurant. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt was off on a romantic getaway with his new partner in France.

Jolie and her children went to Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California on August 27.

On the 27th of August, Jolie accompanied by her children, visited Nobu restaurant located in Malibu, California.

It's been a long time since mother and daughter appeared together outside.  The actress often goes shopping or has lunch separately with each of her children.

It has been quite a while since the mother and daughter duo were seen together in public. The actress usually opts to do separate activities such as shopping or lunch with each of her kids.

Jolie wore a graceful, long pleated dress and her children also dressed neatly.  The adopted Vietnamese son, Pax Thien, stands out in a blue floral shirt.  The whole family wore tight masks to avoid the epidemic.

Jolie donned a stunning, flowing pleated gown while her children were dressed immaculately. It was Pax Thien, her adopted son from Vietnam who stood out with his blue floral shirt. All members of the family made sure to wear tight-fitting masks to stay safe from the ongoing outbreak.

Jolie's children range in age from 12 to 19 years old and are almost the same height.

Jolie has a group of children whose ages range between 12 and 19 years, and interestingly enough, they are all almost the same height.

The eldest son Maddox, 19 years old, cannot return to Korea to study abroad because of the epidemic.  He chose to study online for the second year of his university program starting in September. Since returning to the US in March, this was the first time Maddox appeared on the street.

Maddox, who is the oldest son at 19, won’t be able to pursue his studies abroad in Korea due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result, he has opted for online classes for the second year of his university program which commences in September. After returning to the US in March, Maddox was spotted on the street for the first time recently.

Angelina has been quarantined at home to avoid the epidemic with her 6 children for the past half a year.  She said that because the family was so crowded, the house was always filled with laughter even though it was quite chaotic.  I am lucky because my children always support and help each other, Jolie confided.

For the last six months, Angelina has been isolating at home with her six kids to steer clear of the epidemic. Despite the crowded house, there’s always a lively atmosphere with lots of laughter, although things can be quite chaotic. According to Jolie, she considers herself fortunate because her children are always there to provide support and assistance to one another.

While taking care of her children, Ms. Smith still works remotely, writes articles for magazines and prepares for new film projects.  The animated film The One and Only Ivan, produced and voiced by her, has just premiered on Disney+.

Even though she has children to look after, “Mrs. Smith” manages to work remotely, pen articles for magazines, and get ready for fresh film ventures. Her latest accomplishment, the animated movie “The One and Only Ivan,” which she produced and lent her voice to, recently made its debut on Disney+.

Angelina is still fighting for custody of her children with Brad Pitt.  The divorce trial will take place in October after a long delay due to the epidemic.

Angelina is currently in the midst of a custody battle with Brad Pitt as she continues to fight for the rights to her children. Due to the pandemic, the divorce trial has been postponed, but it is now set to take place in October.

The 45-year-old star went out to eat with his children while Brad Pitt is currently in France with his new girlfriend - model Nicole Poturalski.  The actor and his lover went to France to enjoy a private vacation from August 26.

The famous actor, who is 45 years old, recently took his kids out for a meal. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is off in France with his latest girlfriend, model Nicole Poturalski. The couple has been enjoying a private getaway since August 26th.

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