Joselu: The inspiring journey of a footballer who left and returned to the Santiago Bernabéu, winning the hearts of Madridistas.

Great football players possess a variety of positive traits including resilience, competitiveness, ambition, teamwork, sacrifice, self-discipline, and clear perspectives. Joselu Mato is a prime example of a player who has successfully embraced these core values to reclaim his position at Real Madrid. Unlike Jovic and Mariano, Joselu has internalized the fundamental principles that are essential for thriving in this elite team.

The Italian coach praised the player’s attacking abilities, particularly his skill in using his hands and face to score goals and his strength in heading the ball. He emphasized how crucial these qualities are, especially during corner kicks and when covering the opposition’s area. Despite not being as well-known as Haaland or Mbappé, the Spanish center back has embraced his role in Carlo Ancelotti’s team, demonstrating a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. Ancelotti recognized his potential and signed him even though he hadn’t played for Real Madrid before. While he may not be the first-choice striker, he is fulfilling the expectations set for him and helping the team succeed.

Currently, the player with number ‘14’ has achieved the same number of goals as Mariano and Jovic did during their last three seasons at Real Madrid. Joselu, on the other hand, has scored four goals in seven games for the team, averaging one goal every 65 minutes played. This impressive debut season has also resulted in two critical assists and contributed to nine out of the 15 points earned in LaLiga.

Furthermore, Joselu Mato has managed to net in all three of his home games with Real Madrid in LaLiga, scoring twice in 2011 and twice again in 2023. This achievement has led him to surpass Isco Alarcón’s record from 2013, making him the second player in the 21st century to score in each of his three home matches with the team in white. According to Carlo, Joselu’s success at home is no coincidence as he has more opportunities to score in familiar surroundings.

The Santiago Bernabeu has an unidentified player who possesses a unique playing style that is different from the usual number nine position. Karim Benzema, who used to wear white, has made it easy for his teammates to play with him on the field, leading the team and carrying out moves effortlessly, making goalkeepers like Raal, Van Nistelrooy, and Higuain forgettable. Since his departure, it has been challenging to fill in his shoes, but Joselu Mato, a player who knows the significance of scoring goals, is starting to manage the position well.

Joselu possesses the qualities of a traditional quarterback, effortlessly catching the ball and providing his team with enough air as they exit. He dominates the backfield and poses a significant threat in the air, utilizing his impressive height of 1.92 meters to win countless duels. While he may not be known for creating opportunities, Joselu is undoubtedly a leader from the head, making him lethal in that aspect. Despite not being proficient at driving or racing, these are both activities that are often associated with high levels of intelligence. Furthermore, Joselu’s defensive mindset is a quality that Ancelotti finds highly desirable.

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