“Maggie Mae’s Journey with Her Beloved Senior Cat Mom Towards a Joyful Ending”

Rescue felines are a testament to the fact that some of the most grand and dignified cats can be found in animal shelters. Although we cannot be certain about our pet’s lineage, we can make educated guesses regarding their origins. Maggie Mae, an exceptionally fluffy, calico cat, was once a homeless kitty languishing in a shelter. Her adoptive mother recalls her as a “scrawny wanderer,” but all it took was a new residence and name to transform her into a celestial being. Presently, she basks in love and admiration, and it appears that she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

How did you come up with the name for your feline companion? Well, it was a tribute to my grandma who had a significant impact on my life. Her given name was Magdalene Martine Hoyer, but she went by various nicknames such as Lane, Lena, Elaine, Mag, and Maggie due to the trend of shortening names during her time. The Mae in Maggie Mae comes from a shortened version of Martine. Although my grandmother wasn’t fond of pets, I believe using her name for my cat is a special honor. Interestingly, the current Queen of Denmark’s name is Margrethe II, and I sometimes wonder if anyone ever referred to her as “Maggie.” Perhaps this is why Maggie Mae behaves so regally and is the queen of our household.

Maggie Mae

How do you define her character traits? First, she is an independent feline who won’t allow anyone to pick her up or hold her without receiving treats in return. Her curiosity knows no bounds as she has to investigate everything that I do, eat, drink, and work with, including my crochet projects where she thinks her kitty slobber is essential. Her stubbornness is evident as she never takes “no” for an answer, and she keeps coming back until she achieves her goal. She evaluates commands and invitations before taking action. She is also an intense hunter who waits for hours to watch birds outside the patio door and occasionally lunges at the door or screen to catch them. She is sensitive and watches over me when I am ill, gently patting me if she senses my mood is off. She is affectionate but only on her terms, showing her love through face-washing, licking, and nibbling. However, it’s best to keep your mouth shut, or you may receive a French kiss! The level of her happiness can be measured by her purring, which was initially rusty and quiet but now rumbles frequently.

She is a meticulous cat that takes her grooming, litter box, and food service seriously. Even the slightest accident like vomiting or defecating outside the litter box causes her to panic and hide the problem. Her vocal protests are loud and persistent when she is unhappy with the litter box, has had an accident, or wants something. She is very social and loves to greet people in the apartment building, but also tends to retreat back to safety if she meets someone. Her playtime is enthusiastic and includes racing around, playing soccer with her toys, and lounging in the sun. She is well-trained and polite, having been taught not to jump on counters, furniture, or beds without permission. She takes treats gently from the hand and has learned some tricks over the years. With time, she has become more confident and comfortable in her environment, and her owner has learned to understand her better.

Which hobbies does she enjoy the most?
Maggie Mae loves bird watching and hunting.

What makes Maggie Mae unique?
Maggie Mae was originally named “Miss Poppet” when she was rescued from the animal shelter. She was a small, malnourished cat who suffered from chronic irritable bowel problems. However, since becoming my pet and being renamed “Maggie Mae,” she has thrived. She loves to wake me up in the morning by giving me face washes, and she enjoys doing the same throughout the day whenever she wants attention. Despite her sensitive stomach, Maggie Mae checks everyone’s breath when she first meets them.

As a disabled senior citizen, Maggie Mae and I lead a quiet, sedentary life that suits us both. She is officially designated as my emotional support animal and gives me more than one reason to get up every day (“Meeooww!!! Feed me, hooman!”). Together, we are a happy duo following the advice of an old poem to “Come, grow old with me. The best is yet to be!”

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