“Meow-tivation Unleashed: The Tale of a Feline’s Transformation from Grumpy to Sassy”

Kitten with a 'Frown' Comes to Woman's Home and Grows Up to Be a Small Cat with a Big Cattitude

One day, a cute kitty with an endearing frown came to the door of a lady and transformed into a small cat with a strong character over time.

frowny face cat

A bunch of little felines were brought to the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee and they needed some extra love and care. These kitties were only 4-5 weeks old and one of them stood out as being smaller than the rest. It turned out that this kitten had dwarfism which made her the littlest of the litter. Despite being tinier, foster volunteer Michelle Roberts decided to take care of the whole bunch – including the petite feline named Widget. Widget’s face was similar to the famous “grumpy cat” and she was lighter than her brothers and sisters. However, Widget had a personality that demanded Michelle’s attention with just one look of disapproval.

grumpy face kitten

Michelle confessed to Love Meow that she had developed a strong crush on Widget even before being properly introduced to her. However, the moment she finally laid eyes on Widget, Michelle knew she was smitten. Over the next couple of weeks, Widget’s siblings rapidly grew and developed, while Widget took her time to gradually make progress. Her unique “frowny” expression became more pronounced, and her sassy personality began to shine through.

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Widget enjoyed cuddling with her foster mother, even though her facial expression suggested otherwise. Michelle loved spoiling her foster daughter and over time, grew more attached to her. As Widget’s siblings found their forever homes, Michelle felt fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt Widget as her own since she had been her foster mom from the start.

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As soon as the playful yet focused kitten caught her caretaker’s attention, she knew she had found a new companion. Michelle was convinced that the cat had chosen her instead of the other way around, and she firmly believed that pets often have a role in picking their owners.

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The folks over at the Humane Society got in touch with me about Widget since they knew I was a big pet lover. They had faith that I would give her an amazing home and stay in touch with them by giving frequent updates about how she’s doing.

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Introducing Widget, the epitome of feline sassiness wherever she sets her paws. Michelle, the proud owner of Widget, revealed to Love Meow that her furball is always bursting with attitude and can swiftly convey her feelings in less than two minutes, even with a permanent frown on her face. Michelle further added that “Widget will never hesitate to make her emotions known to you.”

frowny face cat, grumpy face

Despite her small size of just 6.4 pounds, this cute kitty is a feisty little one who never backs down from playing with other cats. She loves to run around and wrestle, just like any other feline. This pint-sized cat has some preferred toys, such as tissue paper and crinkle balls, and she’s always up for a good play-fight with her cat roommates.

frowny face cat

She loves to sleep peacefully in the sun, stretches a bit and then goes back to napping. She’s gotten really good at running up and down the stairs in my apartment. It’s surprising how much noise such a small cat can make on the stairs.

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Whenever this cute and furry animal is in a playful mood, she turns into a lively and inquisitive ball of enthusiasm, always ready to leap on any toy filled with catnip that catches her eye. However, when it’s time to unwind and rejuvenate, she effortlessly finds a comfortable place to curl up and doze off, without a care in the world.

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Although Widget is small, her bold personality and sassy demeanor make up for her tiny physique.

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Despite receiving royal treatment as a house cat, she exudes confidence and takes charge of the household like a natural-born leader.

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