“Rehab Revolution: Selena Gomez Shares How 90 Days Changed Her Life”

After undergoing psychological treatment, Selena Gomez has undergone significant changes in her life. In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, she opened up about many interesting aspects of her life. In addition to appearing stunning in the magazine, Selena revealed 11 fascinating things about herself, her life, and her work. One of the most significant revelations was that Selena had sought psychological treatment for three months due to the pressure of going on a world tour. She described feeling lonely, depressed, and anxious during tours, experiencing crises before and after performances. Selena expressed that she felt inadequate and incapable of giving anything to her fans.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 1.

I was taken aback when I spotted young children indulging in smoking and drinking at concerts attended by individuals in their 20s and 30s. I was lost for words and couldn’t resort to childish commands such as “keep your promise”. I personally understand the struggles that they may be facing, as life can be extremely stressful. It’s natural to feel the urge to escape reality at times.

Furthermore, please note that there is no information shared regarding any possible relationships with a new partner, such as The Weeknd.

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Despite frequently expressing her emotions to the public, Selena Gomez chooses to keep her private life with The Weeknd out of the spotlight. She learned this lesson from her previous relationship with Justin Bieber, as sharing details about their love life resulted in negative consequences. According to a Vogue journalist who spoke with Selena, the singer shared that she will no longer confide in others about her personal relationships. It should be noted that the statement claiming Selena is a “crybaby” and cries frequently is not relevant or accurate to the original content provided.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 3.

Selena, a former Disney star, is unafraid of expressing her genuine emotions, even in front of large crowds. She has cried on stage numerous times and admits that she does not look attractive when doing so. Selena dreams of releasing a Spanish album, which she initially planned to call after the Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Despite being fluent in the language as a child, she is now embarking on further education to achieve her goal.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 4.

5. Selena Gomez shares that spending 90 days at a rehab center was the best decision she ever made, as it allowed her to disconnect from her phone, release herself from stress and temporarily pause her work. According to Selena, being with six interesting girls was an indescribable experience. They did not know who she was and were dealing with their own personal struggles. Although it was one of the hardest things she ever did, it was also one of the most amazing things.

6. Following her treatment, Selena Gomez became very selective about her social circle. Her phone book, which only contains important people’s phone numbers, has only 17 entries. Two of these entries are famous people, according to Selena.

7. To further enhance her mental health, Selena Gomez still meets with her therapist every week, despite having completed her rehab treatment.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 5.

Selena Gomez is currently receiving outpatient treatment for her illness. To manage her condition, she attends therapy sessions five days a week and advocates for dialectical behavior therapy. This form of therapy was initially designed for borderline personality disorder but has now expanded to treat various mental illnesses. According to Selena, this therapy has changed her life, and she wishes more people knew about it. She believes that girls are taught to be strong, resilient, and confident, but they should also be allowed to feel pain sometimes. Despite her condition, Selena remains accommodating to her fans and rarely refuses to take pictures with them. This sets her apart from her ex-lover Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 6.

Selena has a friendly personality that prevents her from refusing a fan who asks for a photo. In contrast to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who is often fastidious and easily angered when taking photos with fans, Selena believes that it is difficult to say “no” to young fans. Additionally, Selena used to be addicted to Instagram, and when she became the most followed person on the social media platform, she felt panicked and immersed in it. However, she eventually recognized that it injected her head with things that she did not care about, which led her to feel terrible every time she opened the app. Therefore, she decided to stay away from it for a while. Finally, Selena advises child stars not to be misguided, as it can negatively impact their careers and personal lives.

Selena Gomez: 90 days at the rehab center was the best thing I've ever done - Photo 7.

After leaving Disney, Selena Gomez made an effort to create a new image as a proper star. Despite facing obstacles, she remained dedicated to her fans and tried to find her passion. She recognized that as a woman, rebelling can be more difficult than it is for men, especially as a former child star. Gomez’s mother encouraged her to take on a more seductive role in the film “Spring Breakers” to help distance herself from the innocent Disney image. Initially surprised, Gomez eventually found the experience interesting and enjoyed exploring a different side of herself. Though Gomez grew up around adults and was always focused on work, she still managed to find a way to play and have fun.

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