“Shimmering in Sheer: Selena Gomez’s Stylish Lunch Date Look in LA”

Selena Gomez appears to be single and looking to socialize. This past Saturday, the Texas native looked stunning in a sheer white tank top as she went for lunch at Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles with a female friend. This sighting comes just one week after it was reported that the singer is taking a break from Justin Bieber, with whom she has had an on-again, off-again relationship since 2011.

Check it out: Selena Gomez sported a sheer white tank top during her lunch outing in Los Angeles at Kings Road Cafe with a girlfriend on Saturday.

The actresses from The Big Short were seen bundling up for the winter weather by adding a stylish mustard-colored cardigan to their outfits. Along with ripped blue jeans and white sneakers, they completed their look. One of the actresses, who has been sporting gold hoop earrings all week, made a statement with her accessory choice. They were accompanied by another female friend who wore a grey CK top, high-waisted denim jeans, black boots, and a leopard print purse. It appeared as though they were on their way to an Italian hot spot on Cañon Drive.

Ready to rock: She paired distressed blue jeans and white sneakers. She also wore gold hoop earrings and carried a brown purse. Despite ending things with her ex The Weeknd, Selena Gomez is now back with her old flame Justin Bieber – although they are currently rumored to be taking a break.

According to an insider who spilled the beans to Entertainment Tonight, Selena is taking some much-needed time for herself, but they clarified that she and Justin are still in a relationship. The source explained, “Selena is feeling a bit fragile; her return to the spotlight has been challenging – especially with all the attention on her personal life with Justin and her mother.”

Flashback: Rumor has it that she is taking a break from her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber; they were seen together at the American Music Awards in 2011 during one of their reconciliation phases. According to Selena’s mother Mandy Teefey, as reported by Gossip Cop in January, she was not pleased that her daughter had rekindled things with her ex. A recent source from Entertainment Tonight revealed that Selena is determined to mend her relationship with her mother as it is a top priority for her.

Justin, who faced legal troubles in Miami in 2014 for various charges including driving under the influence in his Lamborghini, is a well-known member of Hillsong Church – and Selena has been seen attending services with him in the past.

Material concern: Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey, expressed to Gossip Cop in January her dissatisfaction with her daughter’s rekindled relationship. Hillsong is a prominent church originating from Sydney, with branches in various cities such as Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, and Beverly Hills. In a 2015 interview with GQ, Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz recounted the unique circumstances of the pop star’s baptism, where Justin knelt down and tearfully expressed his desire to be baptized. Despite attempts at different locations such as a hotel pool and a friend’s apartment pool, they ultimately resorted to using former basketball player Tyson Chandler’s bathtub for the baptism due to the crowds drawn by Justin’s fame.

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