Shopping with Style: Angelina Jolie Bonds with Her Teen Daughter

Angelina Jolie, the famous actress, was spotted in New York City with her adopted daughter Zahara. The two showed affection towards each other while out on the streets.

The Eternals star held Zahara tightly while walking and shopping in New York on January 17.

On January 17th, while out and about walking and shopping in New York City, the actor from ‘Eternals’ was seen holding Zahara close.

Her eldest son, 20-year-old Maddox, went along but always stayed behind.

Maddox, who is the oldest of her children and is now 20 years old, accompanied her on the trip but kept a low profile.

Zahara stands out with her blue braided hair.  Ethiopian girls love braided hairstyles and sometimes innovate with bright colors.

Zahara has a unique look with her bright blue braided hair. Braided hairstyles are quite popular among Ethiopian girls, and they often experiment with different colors to make it stand out even more.

My parents and I spent the whole day shopping, then went to the restaurant.  Jolie's four remaining children, Pax Thien, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox, did not join the trip to New York City.

My family and I went on a shopping spree all day and ended up dining at a restaurant. However, Jolie’s four kids – Pax Thien, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox – didn’t come along for the trip to NYC.

On January 19, Jolie and her daughter left the hotel and went to the airport to return home to Los Angeles.

Jolie and her little one checked out of the hotel on January 19 and headed to the airport for their journey back to Los Angeles.

In December, Zahara and her mother went on a business trip to Washington, DC. Mother and daughter met with female politicians to promote the Anti-Violence Against Women Act.

Last December, Zahara and her mom took a trip to Washington, DC. They were there for business purposes, promoting the Anti-Violence Against Women Act, and had the opportunity to meet with some influential female politicians.

The 46-year-old actress and her adopted daughter have always been very close, accompanying each other in many events.  Angelina Jolie also followed her teenage daughter several times to listen to rap music and watch music.

Angelina Jolie, a popular actress aged 46, shares a strong bond with her adopted daughter. Their relationship is quite evident in the number of events they have attended together. Angelina’s affection for her teenage daughter is reflected in the times she accompanied her to rap music shows and concerts.

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