“Sunny Day Treats: Selena Gomez Relaxes with a Friend and Indulges in Sugary Delights”

Selena Gomez swung by the nearby 7-11 convenience store in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon with a friend to grab a Slurpee. The pop star is currently appearing in a new advertising campaign for adidas NEO and now she’s offering fans a chance to join her at her upcoming photo shoot for the brand.

Out and about: Selena Gomez was spotted at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles on Wednesday with a friend, enjoying a Slurpee on a sunny day.
She was stylishly cozy in an extra-long white cardigan that almost touched her ankles, paired with a black bag, oversized hoop earrings, and a pendant.
The beautiful brunette styled her hair in a sleek bun to complete her casual chic look.

On the same day, Selena Gomez also unveiled her new line under Adidas’ NEO label – a colorful collection featuring both shoes and clothing.

Chic and cozy: The actress and singer, who is 21 years old, sported a vibrant red fringe tank top, paired with black pants and stylish black ankle boots.

Discussing her latest line of clothing, the talented singer of “Come and Get It” commented: “My new collection is fun and filled with bold prints. It’s all about mixing things up and discovering your own unique style. You can experiment with different styles and outfits to really have fun with the pieces and create a rebellious rock look that’s totally your own.”

The fashion collection, consisting of 28 pieces, is showcased by Selena in a series of bold photos that highlight its edgy spring floral aesthetic.

Outerwear: The actress from Wizards Of Waverly Place stayed cozy in a floor-length white cardigan that almost touched her ankles.

The actress from Spring Breakers checked into Daw at The Meadows rehabilitation center in Arizona on January 5th and stayed there for two weeks. The center specializes in helping individuals aged 18 to 26 who are dealing with emotional trauma, addiction, or dual diagnosis issues.

According to her representative who spoke to MailOnline, Selena chose to spend time at Meadows but not for substance abuse reasons.

Adding the final touches, she accessorized with a black bag, oversized hoop earrings, and a pendant to complete her outfit.

According to a source who spoke to Billboard, she was exhausted after a busy year filled with non-stop filming, concerts, TV appearances, touring, and all the promotional work that comes with it. She needed some time off to recharge.

Although there were reports stating she was struggling with addiction to alcohol, Ambien, and marijuana, the source clarified that this was not the case. While she does enjoy the occasional party and joint, and drinks when she goes out, she is not battling drug addiction or alcoholism.

Pulling it back: The gorgeous brunette styled her hair in a sleek high bun.

Good news: Her new line under the brand Adidas NEO was launched on the same day as the outing – a dynamic collection featuring trendy footwear and clothing.

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