“The Kiss that Cost Angelina Jolie Her Career: Reflecting on Her Controversial Oscar Moment 22 Years Later”

When Angelina Jolie won her first Oscar in 2000 for her role in “Girl, Interrupted,” she was elated and decided to celebrate with her brother James Haven on the red carpet. However, what started out as a simple kiss of joy turned into a scandalous moment that became one of the most talked-about incidents at the Oscars. Despite not intending for her actions to cause controversy, Angelina Jolie’s frank kiss on her brother’s lips left guests and press members shocked and surprised.

To celebrate the triumphant win…

The media was in a frenzy when they reported that Angelina Jolie had kissed her own brother on the lips in public, causing shock and disbelief. As a result, James Haven, her brother, faced intense scrutiny and criticism from all angles. James quickly clarified that it wasn’t a romantic or French kiss but merely a congratulatory gesture towards his sister before she left for filming in Mexico. Angelina brushed off the controversy, stating that their parents loved the photo, and that was all that mattered to her. However, James’ life took a downward spiral due to the negative attention from his sister’s actions.

When Angelina Jolie won the Golden Globe in the same year, she made headlines for kissing her brother on the lips. Meanwhile, James Haven’s acting career didn’t take off, mostly due to his appearances in films co-starring Angelina’s sister, such as “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Gia.” However, despite his lack of success as an actor, James still earns millions of dollars and enjoys a carefree lifestyle. Additionally, he has shown an interest in film production and has made a name for himself at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

According to sources, Brad Pitt seems to have a negative relationship with his ex-wife’s brother. However, the scandal involving his sister in 2000 affected every aspect of his life, from his career and happiness to his physical appearance. Over two decades later, James Haven is rumored to be living in a low-security apartment and is visibly losing weight. Interestingly, despite being close brothers, James is no longer in contact with Angelina Jolie for unknown reasons. Speculations suggest that there might be some friction between the two, which could lead to a confrontation.

The younger brother of Angelina Jolie appears to have aged significantly, despite being below the age of 50.

Haven’s old and rundown house at present

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