“Tossed Away: The Heartbreaking Story of a Great Pyrenees Puppy Abandoned on the Roadside”

A recent incident in Atlanta involved a Great Pyrenees puppy being thrown from a moving vehicle. The poor dog survived the ordeal but suffered injuries, including a broken leg that required surgery. Luckily, a local rescue specializing in this breed is providing support and care during the recovery process. The organization is also raising awareness about the unfortunate reality that many Great Pyrenees are abandoned when they reach adulthood or are no longer considered useful for work. An animal shelter contacted the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta (GPRA) to inform them of the injured pup and provide necessary medical attention for the broken leg.

FOX 5 Atlanta reports that a 12-week-old puppy, known as Wallace Bowden, fell ill shortly after being taken into the care of GPRA. The pup developed a fever and started vomiting, requiring emergency medical attention. The veterinary staff provided the pooch with fluids, nausea medication, and pain relievers. It was evident that surgery was necessary for the dog’s recovery. Therefore, the Pyr puppy was taken to Northlake Orthopedic Surgery Clinic in Clarkston, Georgia, the following day. Despite being thrown out of a moving car only days before, Wallace received top-notch care at the facility. The veterinary staff operated on his broken tibia, and the puppy went through the procedure successfully. Wallace is now on the road to a full recovery.

According to a report by WSB-TV, the Pyr puppy’s condition has been updated by Sabine Elbert, the intake director of GPRA. Elbert stated that the dog is doing well but will need some time to fully recover. The road to recovery may be long, but it will be worth it. Elbert also mentioned that the pup needs to be kept calm to allow his leg to heal. An image accompanying the update shows the puppy wearing a plastic cone and looking directly at the camera, which is sure to tug at the heartstrings of those who donated to the GoFundMe campaign set up for his treatment.

According to Atlanta News First, the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta has been able to rescue over 2,500 Great Pyrenees since 2010. Currently, they are taking care of 40 dogs that require their attention and assistance. These magnificent creatures can weigh anywhere between 85 to 160 pounds, boasting an impressive physique. Despite their shedding tendencies, owning a Great Pyrenees is a worthwhile investment because of their loyalty, hardworking nature, majestic appearance, and protective instincts towards their “flock” (whether human or animal). Although they are purebred dogs, shelters and rescues occasionally have them up for adoption, which is evident through the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta’s efforts.

Numerous farmers and ranchers prefer to use this breed as a means of protecting their horses, securing their property, or working as guardians for their livestock. As a result, they tend to be quite vocal when warding off predators. However, their perception of their own size can sometimes get in the way, leading them to try and befriend much larger animals like bears or attempting to squeeze into tight spaces on the couch next to you.

These dogs love stretching out and climbing, which is evidenced by their double dewclaw. Despite this, they don’t require as much exercise as one would imagine for a dog that typically roams around in pastures. This means that even though they thrive in wide open spaces, they can easily adapt to living in a condo. Above all, they are extremely devoted to their family, which makes them excellent pets.

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