“Unleashing Hope: One Woman’s Journey of Adopting and Rescuing Six Disabled Dogs”

After losing her beloved German Shepherd, Hayden, to the degenerative myelopathy disease a few years ago, Tracey felt an indescribable void in her home. To fill this emptiness, she decided to adopt pups from animal shelters that were often overlooked by others. She now has eight furry companions who bring her endless joy and happiness, and together they live life to the fullest.
According to Tracey, Hayden was a brave pup who battled against degenerative myelopathy for years before succumbing to the disease and becoming wheelchair-bound. Despite his physical limitations, Hayden never lost hope or spirit and continued playing until he was no longer able to move.

Although I long for Hayden’s presence, I have chosen to pay tribute to his unwavering spirit by helping other canines in similar situations. At present, my home is abuzz with eight furry creatures, six of which have special needs. We welcomed these animals into our lives through friendships or happenstance encounters during adoption events. The remaining two pets were previously owned by our deceased friends.

Tracey gave a simple warning to her guests: watch out for the adorable puppies on the loose, so you don’t accidentally step on them. Her love for her furry friends is truly unmatched, as she genuinely cares for each and every one of them. They, in turn, love being around her just as much. During wintertime, Tracey takes her love for her pups even further by swapping their wheelchairs for skis when it snows. It’s no wonder they all enjoy spending time with such a devoted owner.

The compassionate lady acknowledged that this type of pet may not suit everyone, but also mentioned that they are not challenging to look after. She cautioned that if one is repulsed by animal excrement or urine, caring for a special needs pet may not be ideal. However, she added that it is not any different than caring for a pet that walks on all fours. The Fowler Herd is determined to continue its mission unabated. The company’s founder has ambitious plans for the winter and is unwavering in her resolve until she achieves them. She hopes to demonstrate that there are alternatives to bidding farewell to one’s pet, and achieving that would be a significant feat.

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